Denon AVR-1312 Review

  • pinit preview none Denon AVR 1312 Review
  • pinit preview none Denon AVR 1312 Review

With so many different electronic products out there and everyone claiming theirs is the best, how do you know which are quality products?  One such race is for stereo receivers.  The difference of a couple hundred dollars can be the difference of crystal clear sound or muddy sound.  The Denon AVR-1312 5.1 Channel A/V Home Theater is one such receiver that is at the top of the quality race.  In this article I will discuss reasons you should be comfortable buying this product.  The pros and cons will be revealed as well as product features and description.
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Denon AVR-1312: Product Features

  • 5.1 Channel Audio and Video Receiver- It has a 5.1 channel surround sound output with selectable virtual surround.
  • 110 Watts per Channel- It packs a whopping 110 watts per channel, though you’ll probably never need that much.
  • Four HDMI Inputs-It offers four HDMI inputs for less clutter, and only one has to go to your TV.
  • Graphical User Interface- The user interface has been designed very simple for the first time user to understand.
  • Two Digital Audio Inputs:  Two digital audio inputs with one coaxial and one optical.
  • 250 dollar list price- This unit has an MSRP of 250 dollars; quite unbelievable considering the quality that comes with this receiver.

Denon AVR-1312: Description

This high quality audio video receiver measures 17.1 inches x 15 inches x 6.4 inches.  It weighs 19.6 pounds.  It is a 5.1 channel system with 110 watts per channel.  The output features surround sound with selectable virtual surround sound.  It includes a myriad of built in decoders including: Dolby Pro Logic IIx ,DTS-HD decoder ,Dolby Digital Plus ,Dolby Digital ,Dolby Pro Logic II ,DTS decoder ,DTS  ES Matrix 6.1 ,DTS Neo:6 ,DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 ,Dolby Digital EX ,Dolby True HD ,DTS 96/24.  It is equipped with DSP and has an input sensitivity of 200 mV.  Its response bandwidth is an impressive 10-100000 Hz.  It features a compressed music enhancer and is IPod ready.

This Denon AVR-1312 has a huge selection of inputs and outputs: 4 HDMI inputs, front headphones, front audio line in, composite front AV input, rear HDMI input, rear HDMI output, rear audio line in, rear SPDIF input, rear composite video input, rear monitor output, rear S-video input, rear audio line out, rear subwoofer output, and rear speaker output.   The traditional radio tuner is included along with a display dimmer.  It also features HDMI switching, an HDMI repeater and HDMI pass through.  The HDMI pass through has 3D pass through, standby pass through and an audio return channel.  An infrared remote control is included with the receiver.

To be operational, the unit requires 330 amps.  One really cool video feature that it has is LipSync.  This allows the audio signal to be manually delayed in order to match up to the video signal.  The user interface is also displayed on the screen so that any person who does not know much about electronics can easily navigate the system.

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Denon AVR 1312: Pros

  • Crystal Clear Sound!
  • Multitude of Decoders
  • Tons of Inputs and Outputs
  • Built in Crossover
  • 3D Pass Through on Standby
  • 5.1 Channel High Power System

Denon AVR 1312: Cons

  • No Video Pass Through on Standby
  • No Audacy Auto-setup
  • Remote Breaks Easily

Denon AVR 1312: Consumer Opinion

Denon has been in the electronic industry almost as long as electronics have been available so it’s no wonder that they come out with quality products that are recognized as such by the public.  Consumers who bought the Denon AVR-1312 say that it is not beatable for the price.  It offers the quality sound that is expected from Denon at an extremely affordable price.  One thing that is mentioned in some reviews is that there are some features that are given up at this price but it is worth the money because of the Denon quality.
Denon AVR 1312: Consumer Information

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4.1/5.0 Stars (20 Reviews)

Denon matches their quality claims with an impressive set of warranties; especially for a receiver that is supposed to be their low line.  The Denon AVR 1312 boasts a 2 year parts warranty, and a 2 year labor warranty. Most retail websites that I looked at offered it for the same price of $249.  There are a few websites that carried refurbished units for slightly less.

Denon AVR 1312: Closing Remarks
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For this price, go and get a Denon AVR 1312 right now!  For years Denon has produced top of the line products and now they finally have one for the budget shopper.  With all the decoders, a 5.1 channel with high power, HDMI inputs, and this thing is a steal.  Look no further, you’ve found the receiver that belongs in your home.

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