Onkyo Tx-NR609 Review

  • pinit preview none Onkyo Tx NR609 Review
  • pinit preview none Onkyo Tx NR609 Review

41xzT2i1gAL. SL500 AA300  Onkyo Tx NR609 ReviewTargeting the lovely place in which cost satisfies outstanding performance, the Onkyo TX – NR609 Receiver appears established to become yet another Onkyo classic. This particular THX® Select2 Plus™ Certified A/V receiver deals with information coming from all your preferred disc-based media, in addition to networked audio content from the web, iPod®/iPhone®, and PC.

The music is the spirit of the people and when you want to have something perfect for the sake of enjoyment, you need to select Onkyo Tx-NR609 for enjoyment. If you want to get something perfect for you, why not select Onkyo Tx-NR609 for perfect music. Let’s have a look at the features of this model before going to select it.

Features of Onkyo Tx-NR609:

100 Watts per Channel: Onkyo Tx-NR609 is the best for you to use and you can have it to work at 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms.

Direct Connection: it provides you easy and direct connection with iPhone/iPod via its front USB port.

Network Capability: Onkyo TX – NR609 comes with perfect network capability.

THX Select 2 Plus: It is the best for you as it comes with THX Select 2 Plus for your ease.

Weight: You can see that this is the best mode as it comes with only 24.7 pounds weight.


Product Description:

Onkyo Tx-NR609 looks perfect with other models. This receiver handles from all the things and you can see that it connects with audio devices with ease and it can be connected with internet as well. Onkyo Tx-NR609 provides support for 3D video and high resolution via Marvell Qdeo. Three-stage inverted WRAT ensures you a compelling and clean performance. This is the best for the sake of audio performance as you would enjoy music with authenticity.

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Pros of Onkyo Tx-NR609:

  • It has 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms.
  • It comes with network capability.
  • iPhone and iPad can be connected with it via USB port front panel.
  • Onkyo Tx-NR609 has THX Select2 Plus.
  • Onkyo Tx-NR609 includes audio return channel.
  • It comes with 6 HDMI inputs and with 1 output.



Cons of Onkyo Tx-NR609:

  • No built in HD Radio.
  • It has no PC control by wake of lower material in it.
  • It has no second output for video.

Customer Reviews about Onkyo Tx-NR609:

Customers are very crucial for every product and when you want to know about the rating of Onkyo Tx-NR609, you need to know that it has 4.1 stars out of 5 stars and you can rely

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4.1/5.0 Stars (174 Reviews)

on this as others have relied upon it. On the other hands, let us have a close look what customers say in real words about it.

According to Snakeye142, “The box of Onkyo Tx-NR609 is well packed and it is made easy to connect out of the box. Onkyo Tx-NR609 has 6x HDMI inputs, one output and one in front. It has nice screen display of its GUI. In other words, you can see that this is the best for screen display and you can enjoy with ease.”

By Chetan P.Uttarkar, “This is the best receiver and you can have it in your own sake. I received it in fast shipping within 1 day timeframe and I used it for various days. I found its sound quality the best one and its attachment with iPhone and iPad is easy and I can assure you about the sound quality.”

How to Purchase Onkyo Tx-NR609:

Thinking about purchasing the Onkyo TX – NR609 is as easy as you think and done. In other words, you can purchase it easily but you just need to think and you will find that it is done. You can purchase it now without any problems at Amazon.com at very reasonable price in cart. Its original price in the market is $599.00 but if you purchase it now, you will find savings as well.
buynow big Onkyo Tx NR609 Review

The Onkyo Tx-NR609 comes with a 2 years warranty.


Keeping its features and description in mind, Onkyo TX – NR609 is recommended to purchase and you can purchase it without any harassment. This is the best model for you to get your life with rhythm of music. You would be able to enjoy music with authenticity.

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