Pioneer CDJ 900 Review

  • pinit preview none Pioneer CDJ 900 Review
  • pinit preview none Pioneer CDJ 900 Review

511OnXCUgqL. SL500 AA300  Pioneer CDJ 900 ReviewEnjoyment can be increased and outshines easily by using something innovative and new in the field of music. By adding music in your life, you can increase the satisfaction by ease and can have the best enjoyment without any problem.


The device which you should purchase must have all types of playing features about all types of files so that you may enjoy music with authenticity without any problem. Have a short look at the Pioneer CDJ-900 Tabletop Multi Player to enhance the enjoyment in life.





Specifications of Pioneer CDJ 900:

Playback: The playback feature of Pioneer CDJ 900 enables you to enjoy all the MP3, WAV, AAC and AAIFF audio files on USB and CD devices.

Auto Beat Loop: Pioneer CDJ 900 comes with its auto four-beat loop to generate sound to provide more enchanting and transitioning music.

Slip Mode: When you will activate this mode, this will automatically silently continue playback music during a loop.

File System: There is no objection of file system as it is compatible with all types of USB storage like FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32.

Power Consumption: Pioneer CDJ 900 consummates only 26W and it can be switched on easily.

Product Description:

Pioneer CDJ-900 Tabletop Multi Player is completely designed for today’s professional DJ’s. The auto control system of Pioneer CDJ 900 enables DJ’s to access, seek and control the data directly from the player. Today’s top performers are using this and it is compatible with all sorts of software. Music engagement software in Pioneer CDJ 900 organizes the files to be played when the button is pressed. This software is made to analyze each file and is ordered to prepare the files specifically for utilization with new Pioneer CDJ 900.


Pros of Pioneer CDJ 900:

  • This product is compatible to play all sorts of music files.
  • Beat loop of Pioneer CDJ 900 creates auto four beat-loop transitioning music.
  • During any loop, the playback is done when slip mode is activated.
  • It is light weight to carry and it comes with only 8.5 pounds freight.
  • The frequency ranges from 4Hz to 20 KHz.
  • Power consumption is very low.

Cons of Pioneer CDJ 900:

  • Hot cue is missing on this model.
  • Unloading the CD’s is not easy for this to do.
  • A bit pricy.

Customer Reviews about Pioneer CDJ 900:

All in all, it has got high ratings in customers and you can see that it has got 4.2 stars out of 5 stars and you can get more info by reading following comments of users.

By John Barbell, “it is amazing in looking and as I’ve purchased it, I’ve made a right

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4.2/5.0 (4 Reviews)

decision. You can use every single feature without any problem and can get the best features in your hands easily. It works well, extremely reliable and RekordBox automatically updates with the passage of time. You just need to make sure about is firmware updates on the site of Pioneer. I wish that Pioneer CDJ 900 may have Hot Cue function in it.”

According to DJ T-bone, “Pioneer CDJ 900 is amazing to use with the Redkordbox. It is a bit pricy but it is worth of this price.”

In the views of Area 39 DJ’s,”After the usage of 6 months, I cannot unload the discs from Pioneer CDJ-900 Tabletop Multi Player. All in all, except this mishap, it works properly.”

How to Purchase Pioneer CDJ 900:

When you are thinking to enjoy perfect music device, why not Pioneer CDJ-900 Tabletop Multi Player give a try and you will save up to 28% if you purchase now. You can purchase it at a super low price. The original price of this product is relatively very high and you can save a lot of money if you purchase now. The perfect sound, the perfect echo and the perfect enjoyment are what you will get from Pioneer CDJ 900. You can enjoy music by playing and can control and search music by utilizing Pioneer CDJ 900. This is the best and you can purchase it now from easily.

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When a lot of features are there to enjoy music by customizing it, Pioneer CDJ 900 is completely recommended to you to purchase right now for the sake of enjoyment of various features without any problem.

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